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College Planning

It’s never too early or late to start planning for college. Start the process now by visiting Mr. Weber in the CCRC, across from the Student Cafeteria.

When college comes up in conversation the first question people want to ask is, “where do you want to go to college?” This is a difficult question to answer and many people don’t know enough about any schools to be able to answer it. A better question to think about is, “what characteristics would your dream college have?” This question will help students narrow their focus to schools that have what they are looking for. Use the resources below or come to the CCRC to help in this process!

Naviance Student

This tool is an excellent resource throughout the college planning process. Use it to keep track of schools, find scholarships, learn which schools have what you are looking for with the Super Match, and much more.

Big Future

Big Future is another resource that will help you find and research colleges. Brought to you by College Board, the makers of the SAT.

Best Colleges Rankings

Although rankings should not be the only things a student considers when looking into different colleges and universities it can be a useful tool to find out how schools compare.

TIP: Don’t forget to visit the schools you’ve researched! Sometimes a school will be a good fit on paper but once you set foot on campus you may feel differently. If you are unable to visit the school they may be visiting us! Check our calendar to see which colleges and universities are visiting Maine East High School.

Once a student knows which colleges will be a good fit for them they may begin applying. Some schools have free applications and others will charge a fee. It may be wise to make a list of the schools you are interested in that charge a fee in order to eliminate some if needed or request a fee waiver.

The two most common ways to apply to colleges are by an institution’s own application (often hosted on the college’s website) or a service called the Common App. This service allows students to fill out one application and send it to many different colleges and universities who are members of the service. Head to their website and make an account to begin the application. If you need help come to the CCRC.

Common Application Quick Guide


TIP: Every Monday is College Application Monday at Maine East High School. Come to the CCRC and Mr. Weber will help you fill out an application for any college you’d like.

College Entrance Exams

An important part of the college admission process involves taking tests. Although not every college or university requires students to take a standardized test, the majority will. Students and their families should research which test (SAT or ACT) is best for them or they can meet with Mr. Weber to discuss the options. Materials for college entrance exams can be found in the CCRC.  This includes registration packets, study material, and fee waivers for those who qualify.

      Visit the College Board website to explore colleges and find out information about the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests and AP tests. 
      Use this site to register online for the ACT tests.  The ACT site also offers free test prep as well as other college & career planning resources.  
      This test is typically used for international students or students who did not take many of their classes in the United States.  

The Maine East CEEB Code is 141-595

Some colleges are TEST OPTIONAL.  This means that they do not require an ACT or SAT for admissions.  They will focus on the other aspects of your application (transcript, essay, activities, letters of recommendation, interview, etc.).  To see a list of Test Optional schools, visit this website: