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Maine East ChromeDepot

ChromeDepot Hours*
Monday to Friday
Room 232: 7:30AM – 3:45PM** (new location)
*When school is in session, hours may vary on non-school days. Closed evenings, weekends and school holidays.
** To help keep everyone safe, students must have an appointment to come into the ChromeDepot or a pass from a teacher if requesting to check out a Chromebook loaner
Support Information
Students – Request support for your Chromebook (link) or to make an appointment to visit the ChromeDepot
Staff: Log in to Eduphoria Help Desk (link) to make your request
Parents – please email (link) or call us at 847-692-8398
Contact Information
Call us at 847-692-8398
Parent Portal Help
Parents can get answers to their portal problems. Please visit the Infinite Campus Support  page to get answers to common problems and/or to request support.
  • Students are expected to have their school issued Chromebook charged and with them at school every day.
  • Students are expected to maintain their Chromebook in good repair. 
  • Students are expected to visit the ChromeDepot as soon as possible if their school issued Chromebook is damaged, lost or stolen.
Chromebook Problems?
Students, please visit the ChromeDepot if you are having any problems with your Chromebook. We’ll quickly evaluate your Chromebook and let you know how long it will take to fix and if the repair is covered (free) or if there is a fee. We fix many issues the same day and at no cost. If we need to send your device out for repair or order replacement parts, we’ll provide a loaner Chromebook for you to use until your Chromebook is repaired. Questions? Here is a link to District 207’s Chromebook Program Summary or contact the ChromeDepot for more information.
Chromebook Loaner Programs
Daily Loaners: A student may check out a Chromebook for use at school during the school day if they forget to bring or charge their school issued Chromebook. Students may borrow a courtesy loaner up to three times per month. Daily loaners must remain in school and be returned by 3:30 the same day they were checked out. Daily loaners not returned by the end of the school day will be disabled after 3:30 pm and count as two check out days. 

Long-Term Loaners: a student will be temporarily assigned a Chromebook to use at school and home as long as needed while their school-issued Chromebook is being evaluated or repaired.

Password Resets
To change your password and/or enrolled for password reset please visit or contact the ChromeDepot.

ChromeDepot Staff
Joe Dean – ext. 4491
Rob Plohr – ext. 1635
Ken Van Mersbergen – ext. 8399