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Student & Family Services

Department Contact
Michael Wartick, Associate Principal for Student & Family Services

Department Information
The Student Services team helps students make decisions and choices that will allow for success in high school and beyond. Students Services works with students, families, and staff in supporting students’ academic, social-emotional, and career development throughout high school. Student Services includes a range of supports for students and families including focused on counseling services both in high school and in preparation for college and/or careers. Additionally, the Health Office is an integral part of Student Services.

Department Links

Community Resource Book

Health Office 

Career & College Resource Center

Virtual Calming Room


Student Support Teams
Each Support Team is listed vertically below.

Assistant Principal for Student Supports

Alana Laury


Amy Allen 

Suzanne Caliendo

Keleyssa Block (L-Z)

Social Worker/Psychologist

Ed Burda

Bill Bautista

Assistant Principal for Student Supports

Michael Bender


Angie Edsey

Alen Ibrahimovic

Keleyssa Block (A-K)

Social Worker/Psychologist

Kirsta Cholewa

Ruth Shook-Orr

Assistant Principal for Student Supports

Nelly Diaz


Nicole Rinaldi

Mieka Yochim

Social Worker/Psychologist

Malory Miller

Jazmeen Rivera

Elizabeth Galka