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Maine Township District 207 schools offer extensive opportunities beyond the classroom to engage in learning, self-discovery, and the pursuit of personal interests with like-minded peers.  Offering over 80 clubs and activities, students can participate in clubs based on hobbies, academics, charitable efforts, as well as social and political interests.  Take a few minutes to explore our clubs listed below:

Activity Name Sponsor Name Social Media
A CAPPELLA – A vocal group that sings contemporary popular music with only their voices. Perform at choir concerts, V-Show, and in the community! No experience necessary and all are welcome.
ADIPOLI CLUB Miranda Gonzalez
Amnesty International Club Teresa Cipolletta, Laura Goldman, Dhruvi Soni

Amnesty International Club here at Maine East High School is a part of a global campaign to end human rights abuses via education, donations, and promotion. Amnesty International partners with students at high schools to help promote civic engagement and social awareness. This club allows students to focus on aspects of international law that coincides with human rights issues in various countries. Through educational initiatives such as speaker events, presentations, and group activities, club members will foster a deeper understanding of human rights, unity, and how they can make a difference both locally and globally. 

ANIMAL ADVOCATES CLUB Laura Goldman, Kristin Hussmann

Animal Advocates is a space for students, especially those passionate about animals, and/or activism, to learn about animals, animal-rights concerns, and ways to live more cruelty-free lives! As a club, members engage in activities that promote the well-being and rights of animals, and support local animal shelters.

ASSYRIAN CLUB Marta Gozo, Sabrina Benjamin

Assyrian club welcomes anyone interested in getting to know more about the Assyrian culture, food, and costumes. We work together for philanthropic causes and try to connect to the Assyrian community!

ASTRONOMY CLUB Dr. David Schultz

The purpose of this club shall be to involve Maine East students in astronomical inquiry, including the development of observational skills which foster greater understanding of the universe outside of our planet.  Students shall also play a key role in the development of equipment used for optical and radio astronomy, and shall engage in research practices which reflect those currently used in contemporary science.


Our purpose is to be an Automotive Club that would provide car enthusiasts with a community to share their passion with. Everyone is welcome.

BAGGO CLUB Michael Scofield

We are a group of students who enjoy getting together after school, rain or shine, to play Bagg-o. Come join us anytime. No commitment necessary. We look forward to sharing more information with you!


BALKAN CLUB Alen Ibrahimovic

The mission of Balkan club is for students whose heritage originates from the Balkan region to gather socially and build a sense of community; educate Maine East about our shared cultures; and offer networking opportunities with professionals from similar backgrounds.

BLACK STUDENT UNION Mieka Yochim, Keleyssa Block
Open to all students interested in learning about, and promoting, the diversity of the Black experience through dialogue, community service, and social events.
Follow us on Instagram @MaineEastBSU !

Find out how you can be live on our student-run radio station or, on the crew for our monthly video announcements or V-Show. Plus, we try to gather and watch a film once-a-month of different genres.



The Maine East Sideline Cheerleading team supports the football team and boy’s and girl’s basketball programs during scheduled games. In addition to sideline cheering, we also support the Maine East student body at pep assemblies and various events throughout the school year.  

CHEM PLUS Anna Klein, Angie Etzwiler

Chem Plus is Maine East’s chemistry club. Students develop demonstrations and present demonstrations to local junior high schools and the community.


Chess is a two-player strategy board-game played by millions of people worldwide. It is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga, sometime before the 7th century. Come get involved! You might be able to win some prizes!



Freshman Class Council coordinates fundraising efforts (with Sophomore Class Council) that help pay for Prom and Senior Breakfast for our class while also building class spirit within the grade.

Please contact the sponsor for more information.

CLASS COUNCIL - JUNIOR Angie Etzwiler, Karen Wolfe

Junior Class Council is responsible for many of the Homecoming Festivities that everyone enjoys! We decorate the hallway for homecoming, decorate for the homecoming dance, and help plan events for the homecoming assembly.

We also coordinate fundraising efforts that help pay for Prom and Senior Breakfast for our class, such as candy sales and car washes.

Finally, we plan activities that students in the school can enjoy. This year we are planning to coordinate an Escape Room and Movie Night for students.

CLASS COUNCIL - SENIOR Peter Przekota, Dani Matej

Senior Class Council is a student-run organization that plans and promotes activities and events for the senior class at Maine East. Such events include Prom and Senior Breakfast. The club also runs fundraising events supporting the school-wide charity.


Sophomore class Council coordinates fundraising efforts, with Freshman Class Council, that help pay for Prom and Senior Breakfast for our class while also building class spirit within the grade.

Feel free to contact the sponsor for more information.


We are a group of students who meet to play cricket. We are members of the Mid Suburban Cricket League and play regular indoor games against other schools over the winter.

We finished 2nd Place at the Cricket Championship Tournament in our inaugural season!

CROCHET CLUB John Campbell
Crochet Club is a warm, welcome and fun place where students work on crochet projects and learn together. We are open to all levels of skills and experience! Students who have never crocheted before will find experts here who can help them learn. Students who have a lot of experience can work on more advanced patterns and projects. Crochet club is held on Wednesdays in Room P205 3:30 to 5:00pm. Join our google classroom for updates and announcements at
CULINARY CLUB Paige Vande Vusse

Culinary club is a club for students who are currently enrolled in Culinary Arts 1 (or have taken it in the past) and want more cooking experience outside of class. Cooking experience, bake sales, club run culinary competitions, and fundraising activities are planned by the student members who help develop leadership skills as a result of participation. Every meeting we will make a different recipe!

DEBATE Keith Barnstein

The Maine East debate team competes at 15-20 tournaments per year at assorted high schools and colleges, including the University of Michigan, Emory University, and Harvard University. Maine East also hosts an annual tournament every February which draws students from throughout Illinois and neighboring states. Each year, students debate the National Policy Debate topic, which in years past has included topics as diverse as access to water, NATO, mental health, and education policy. Students compete with a partner and present speeches based upon research they conduct throughout the season. Students develop their speaking skills, research, logic, and confidence. Practices begin in August and the season continues through April.

DECA Dr. Treyce Criner

DECA is a national organization that prepares student leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in business, marketing, digital marketing, finance and management.  By connecting business to learning, students that participate in DECA are training for the next generation of powerful business owners and leaders to guide others into the future.


Demon Squad-POMS are an award-winning competitive dance team that competes statewide.  They perform at halftime at football games and basketball games as well as perform at the assemblies.


The Maine East Mental Health Awareness Club (MAC), is a club that helps provide access to mental health assistance, propagate short-term resources for the mental health of students, and reduce stigma around mental health. The mission of the Mental-Health Awareness Club is to create a safe space for ALL Maine East students. 


We help maintain our nature spaces on campus – the oak savanna near Dee entrance, butterfly garden outside science wing, and vegetable garden in center court. We have work days to maintain trails and remove invasive species, we plant and harvest food from our veggie garden, help raise awareness about our recycling program, and strive to improve our school’s green report card.

FASHION CLUB Jillian Ristow

Fashion club welcomes anyone interested in learning more about the fashion industry, sewing or other creative activities. Students leave most meetings with a personal creation, designed by them. We explore fashion design, construction and merchandising. All are welcome to join at any point throughout the year.

FCCLA Tess Buchbeger, Michelle Meyer, Jillian Ristow.

Students that have taken an FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) class can use skills and topics learned to participate in FCCLA which allows students to attend an annual leadership conference and compete in Family and Consumer Sciences’ events at the sectional and state levels. The competitive events include Culinary, Fashion, Child Development, and Consumer/Career related topics. Fundraising, social and community building activities are planned by the student members and officers who develop leadership skills as a result of participating and leading the club.

FEMINIST CLUB Elizabeth MacArthur

Maine East Feminist Club offers an open space for discussion regarding equity and intersectional feminism. Feminism is not anti-men, it’s a pro-equality movement. We welcome anyone and everyone to join in conversations exploring current issues with this lens. “If you see inequality as a “them” problem or “unfortunate other” problem, that is a problem.- Kimberle Crenchaw, Civil Rights Advocate & Intersectional Feminist

FILIPINO CLUB Tina Sabatello
The Filipino club promotes the culture and traditions of the Philippines; all are welcome. 
The Flipside Dancers perform at the variety show and the International Celebration.
FRENCH CLUB Bernie Lewis

French Club promotes the culture and traditions of French speaking countries.


The Gamer’s Guild provides opportunities for students to become gamers. With pathways for competitive and casual gaming, students can develop skills and strategies in their favorite games, think critically in various ways, and learn how to problem-solve if they go the competitive route, or create genuine lasting friendships, a drive for success, and a sense of individuality intermixed with teamwork, if they go casual route. Or they could attain both — there are many things a Gamer’s Guild Gamer can achieve!

GERMAN CLUB Rogelio Cabrera

German club / DEUTSCHKLUB is for all students who wish to experience a community with German related social and educational activities. 

All students interested in German culture and language are welcome. 

We organize two annual after- school field trips. Willkommen im Klub!

H2O CLUB Mark Dobner

H2O Christian Club’s mission is for students to reach out to others on campus and to grow in fellowship with one another.

HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Tess Love, Amy Swanson

Are you interested in having a future in healthcare occupations? If so, HOSA is the club for you! Come and join us for guest speakers from professionals in the industry, opportunities to volunteer at a variety of community service activities, and have the chance to compete at a state competition. HOSA is a nationally-recognized organization and we are just starting our chapter here at Maine East!

INVESTMENT CLUB (Foundations) Dale Lasky

Investment Club introduces business and investing concepts through real=life scenarios and cases that teach critical thinking and strategy. Students compete in various business competitions to solidify writing, thinking, and presenting skills.

ITALIAN CLUB Teresa Cipolletta
KIVA Greg Lundberg

The purpose of Kiva is to fundraise money to give out micro-loans to small entrepreneurs in developing countries. We choose specifically who we want to loan money to so it has a direct impact on people’s lives. Kiva also teaches economic and financial skills to students. We aim to help students become more compassionate and educate students on important social issues. Throughout our club, we plan on including financial literacy lessons,  educational lessons on social issues, and other activities. Our main focus at our Kiva chapter at Maine East High School is to raise funds in order to provide microloans to small entrepreneurs and even refugees in developing countries.

 Appeals to students who are interested in business, financing, social change, volunteering, global social issues, and in general students who want to make an impact on communities.

We plan on meeting every 2-3 weeks on Tuesdays after school in room D203.

LATINX CLUB Jazmeen Rivera

Latinx Club is a place where students from all racial backgrounds come together and celebrate the Latino culture through countless activities.

LENS - YEARBOOK Angie Hughes, Theresa Bonifazi
The mission of LENS is to record all students and events throughout the school year while creating the ME yearbook. If you have a knack for digital design, art, writing, photography, or simply want to help in the mission of getting ALL students in the yearbook, then LENS may be the group for you.
M.E. CARES Rachel Samlan

ME Cares is a student-led group which identifies humanitarian needs within our community and presents these needs to the school community. After the school community selects a cause, we spend the school year developing community outreach and fundraising opportunities to support our annual campaign. Notable activities include dine and shares with local restaurants, our holiday auction, and an annual charity basketball game. 

M.E. dicine Evan Rabens

Brining M.E. students who are interested in a medical career together and work to change the community in healthcare around us. 


Come join us for some fun and games!! We enjoy games and activities that help create a sense of community and competition at the same time. We play board games, card games, and sometimes we even watch movies together!


We study the percussion-based music of West Africa and perform at various school and community events. No experience necessary – only an enthusiasm for music! All drums and instruction provided!



Maine Historical Society upholds the traditions of this organization that were started back during the Great Depression in 1929. This organization is the second oldest organization in District 207, second only to the National Honor Society. From the Pumpkin Carving Contest to the Cherry Pie Festival, we celebrate America’s traditions and history along with those of D207.

Malayali Club Dhruvi Soni

Malayali Club exists to help the large population of Malayali students at Maine East and others interested in participating and learning about Mallu events. This club forms a community of individuals interested in celebrating their diverse and beautiful culture.

MATH TEAM Mark Dobner

The Math Team competes against other area high schools throughout the year. Anyone interested in problem-solving, challenging themselves, and learning new math topics that may not be covered in math classes, is encouraged to join. The team meets for practices and competitions regularly.


The Middle Eastern Club will be focused on the region of Southwest Asia and North Africa and will be informally known as SWANA. We exist to promote the visibility of the people in SW Asia and N Africa by education, meaningful conversations, and celebration of cultures through food, clothing, dance, and music. All are welcome to join us.


“Music Lovers (Maine East’s Version)” is a club dedicated to all music lovers at Maine East. We want to spread our love and joy for female music artists through watch parties, listening parties, discussions, and events. Our first event is “Taylor Swift The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)” Movie on Friday, March 15th at 3:45pm in the Maine East Auditorium. We ask that all who are interested follow us on Instagram @musiclovers_meversion and fill out the corresponding google form in our bio or via the QR codes on the flyers. We hope you join us!


Everyone who is interested in learning about Islam and wants to help fight the battle of Islamophobia is welcome to attend.


For more than 40 years, the National Art Honor Society has provided national recognition and opportunities for students who exhibit outstanding scholarship in the visual arts, and for their teachers. In this time of uncertainty and potential isolation, connecting and acknowledging outstanding visual arts students is more imperative than ever. Participation in NAHS provides  students, faculty, school, and community with invaluable benefits—including peer recognition, leadership growth opportunities, college and career preparation, recognition of your art program, and so much more.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Kyle Eller and Stephanie Jozwiak

NHS is a national honors organization for secondary school students. Students with Junior or Senior standing who hold a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of the end of Sophomore year will be invited to submit additional information to attain membership. Invitation for membership is based on four criteria: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Membership invitations are sent after the application is adjudicated by a  Faculty Advisory Council based on examination of transcripts, student-submitted materials, and other relevant school records. NHS members are inducted in fall and spring of each year and are expected to maintain high levels of academic achievement, school and community leadership and volunteer service, including a minimum of five to fifteen hours of service every six months. 

ORCHESIS - DANCE CLUB Djuwanna Pearson-Frazier

Orchesis is an auditioned based club in the medium of dance. It is comprised of freshman through senior students. Orchesis performs numerous times throughout the year with the highlight of the year being our annual concert in the spring that consists of student choreography along with guest choreography. Orchesis members continue to learn technique in dance as well as choreographic expertise. They grow as dancers, using their creativity and skills throughout the year. 


Ping Pong Club is open intramural drop-in table tennis. We bring out the tables weekly after school, most Thursdays during the school-year. All levels are welcome to play and free mini-lessons are given by Mr. Brown and club attendees. Anyone is welcome to play any time!

The Table Tennis Team is a combined competitive team that includes serious players from both Maine East and Maine South. The team competes in the Interscholastic Table Tennis Illinois (ITTI) high-school league from November through February.


The Pioneer is the school newspaper at Maine East, reporting on news, sports, entertainment, and interesting people in the M.E. and surrounding communities. We are always looking for students interested in news or editorial reporting and writing, photo journalism, editing, and graphic design/layout. Stop by a Pioneer staff meeting and discuss how you might contribute to an upcoming issue of the newspaper!


Politeens is a club open to all grades dedicated to unbiasedly educating students on current events and politics and how international relations affect them.  There are various forms of this club in schools all throughout the U.S that have the same goal of presenting students with the facts. Our goal is to meet bimonthly for around 30-60 minutes. Meetings will recap what is happening around the world and in the U.S today, and also provide ways to help/make an impact. By doing this, students are educated on current events and can also learn their voice in politics! Here’s a link to the broader organization

We want everyone, regardless of their beliefs/standings, to feel heard and welcome. We want to partake in the creation of a united future and believe that can be achieved through students having respectful open-minded discussions after receiving unbiased information and empower students.

POWERLIFTING CLUB Maxx Pastiak, Dave Berendt

Powerlifting is a strength and conditioning sport that comprises three endeavors at maximal load on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Students will learn proper technique, develop individualized powerlifting routines, all while increasing physical/mental strength and self-esteem. 


Principal Advisory Council is a select group of student leaders that come together monthly to share feedback and problem solve challenges in the high school environment.  The purpose of the group is to ensure that student voice is considered both in providing feedback and in decision making.  

R-CODE Chris Peters, Peter Przekota, Evan Rabens

R-Code is a PBIS organization that is dedicated to improving the culture and atmosphere at Maine East High School. R-Code’s focus is on teaching respectful, responsible, and resilient behavior.


The Reading Club’s focus is reading and discussing the annual “Lincoln Award: Illinois Teen Readers’ Choice Master List”. In February, the club competes in the Niles’ Library Lincoln Cup, showcasing their knowledge of the books on the annual list. Check us out! 


We build robots using VEX parts and program them to complete challenges. We compete against other schools in these challenges in January.


We have many exciting events in store this year. We fundraise to support local OR international philanthropic, nonprofit organizations. Another exciting annual event is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Conference, a weekend-long camp in which attendees participate in fun activities to build leadership skills and make lifelong friendships!

SCHOLASTIC BOWL TEAM Owen Doak, Jan Wieczorek

Scholastic Bowl is an academic quiz bowl competition. Students compete in teams of five to show their knowledge of literature, social science, math, science, fine arts, as well as popular culture and current events. This competitive activity is especially geared for students who are very knowledgeable about the advanced high school curriculum, and can answer questions quickly with a buzzer/close out system. Maine East Scholastic Bowl has a full conference schedule in the CSL, and we also compete in about six Saturday tournaments. The season concludes with the IHSA state tournament, beginning with a regional competition in early March.

SKILLS USA Thomas Kaiser, Ken Adkins

Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled work-force. Skills USA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers, high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations.

SOAR Mieka Yochim, Eric Coval

You are invited to be a part of the continuing district-wide, student-led discussion organized and developed by SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism). SOAR works to help dismantle racism through brave conversations and education. Join our journey.


We are a regional cultural-based group celebrating the great diversity of South Asia.  We welcome everyone from all backgrounds to join us as we explore traditional and modern cultural elements through celebrations, food, movies, and more. We meet every-other-Monday at 3:30 pm , in Room 245, starting Monday September 30. Come join us!

SPANISH CLUB Jason Dutmers and Dani Matej

Spanish Club recognizes and celebrates the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. We also collaborate with the other language clubs and organizations to create diverse experiences. Activities, Games, Music, Fundraising, and More! All are welcome. Come join us!


Speech Team is a competitive activity in which students compete in thirteen unique events ranging from impromptu speaking, poetry reading, radio broadcasting, and original comedy.


Sports medicine club instructs Maine East students in First Aid, CPR and to disseminate pertinent medical information. To apply learning in a hands-on environment to reinforce the information presented. To expose members to the many career options available in the medical field. 

STAGE CREW Jessica Mitilineos

We do the building, lighting, sound, props, and costumes for all shows at Maine East. We run any and all events in the auditorium. As well as maintain the space and equipment.


Student Council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to in club leadership activities the officers organize and run homecoming committees, V-Show ticket sales and advertising, blood drives and charity fund raisers.

WMTH-FM Phillip Ash

WMTH Radio is a group of students interested in music and audio-mixing. Students run our radio station 90.5 FM and can produce their own radio shows on air. If you love music and want to learn more, join our club.


WMTH-TV Phillip Ash

WMTH-TV is a group of students that produces our regular announcement productions and helps to live-stream concerts and sporting events. If you are looking for more experience in producing, editing, filming, or anchoring, join us!



The purpose of this club is to foster a space for club members to explore their passion STEM and remedy the existing confidence gap among pre-college level gender minorities in these fields. Our main focus is to conduct outreach events to middle and elementary schools. Furthermore, the club will provide members with opportunities and support in their individual pursuits related to STEM.


Assisting in the promotion of opportunities for students through involvement in student activities.