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Our academic program is founded on the Career Pathways concept.  Through a combination of rigorous and high-quality educational experiences, our students prepare for the world of work understanding there are multiple pathways to a successful career.  The Pathways approach exposes all students to career and post-secondary options for learning via an in-depth examination of interests, aptitudes, and opportunities for students to explore career options before selecting which post-secondary learning experience will best fit their need – work, military service, a certification program, or a four-year institution.

Maine Township District 207 also values exposing students to new learning opportunities.  Our elective offerings are a vehicle through which our students explore interests and test aptitudes not only to determine a possible career path, but to carve out time in their day for pursuits inspired by their individual curiosity.

Included in our comprehensive and balanced approach is the requirement that every student engage in physical education.  We believe that to have a healthy mind one must have a healthy body.  Making life-long fitness a priority, our students have a broad selection of physical education courses from which to choose.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The educational program is offered at many levels of instruction tailored to the varied abilities of the student body. Students are selected for these programs on the basis of their placement test scores, teacher recommendations, past and current achievement, and student request. The levels below are not exclusive to a “track” or “program”. A student may take courses at any of the levels outlined below.

Course Levels

Special Education Courses – Courses offered through the Special Education Department provide students with a rigorous curriculum commensurate with a student’s individual ability level in a highly differentiated setting.  These courses are offered in a self-contained setting and students accessing these courses must have an individualize education plan.

Regular Education Courses – Courses offered at the regular level provide students with a rigorous curriculum that is grade-level appropriate.

Accelerated Education Courses – Courses offered at the accelerated level provide students with a highly rigorous curriculum, delivered at an accelerated pace, that is above the grade-level for which the curriculum is originally designed.

Advanced Placement Courses – Courses offered as Advanced Placement provide students with an opportunity to study college level courses created and administered by College Board.  By taking special examinations, these students may gain advanced standing or credit in college.  To find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores, please visit AP Credit Policy Search.  Students taking advanced placement courses are expected to take the advanced placement exams.  This includes seniors who have already received acceptance from a college or university that may not award credit for a specific AP exam.

Dual credit/Dual Enrollment Courses – Dual credit/dual enrollment courses provide students with an opportunity to study college level courses offered through official agreements with Maine Township High School District 207 and our partner colleges, universities, and post-secondary institutions.