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Training & Development

All Illinois school board members must receive training in the Open Meetings Act (OMA), Professional Development Leadership (PDLT), and PERA (PERA), Illinois’ teacher evaluation framework. 


The following table contains mandatory and non-mandatory training and development activities that were completed by each Board member. When the training was provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity. 

Name Training Topic – Provider Date Completed
Aurora Austriaco OMA Training – IASB June 27, 2017  
Paula Besler OMA-PDLT-PERA Training – IASB April 22, 2015
Teri Collins OMA-PDLT-PERA Training – IASB May 8, 2015 
Linda Coyle OMA Training – IASB July 27, 2017 
Jin Lee OMA-PDLT-PERA Training – IASB May 31, 2013 
Carla Owen OMA-PDLT-PERA Training – IASB May 31, 2013 
Sean Sullivan OMA-PDLT-PERA Training – IASB  March 18, 2014