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Department Chair
Sarah Djordjevic


Administrative Assistant
Lisa Disparte




Explore these elective course options and the incredible opportunities available to you in Fine Arts at Maine East:

Department Information
Maine Township High School District 207 is proud to offer a wide range of classes to support students’ growth in a range of creative and artistic endeavors. These learning experiences strengthen students’ passions as well as provide authentic opportunities to build and share a range of skills, from those that appear in front of audiences, such as concerts and play productions to the artist-apprentice studios of our art classes preparing work for exhibitions and portfolios. These exciting, hands-on classroom environments result in students who use and develop their creative minds across a broad curriculum encompassing Music, Visual Arts, Broadcasting, Video and Radio Production, Drama and Theater.

Fine Arts: Art Flowchart

Fine Arts: Music Flowchart

Fine Arts: Speech/Drama/Broadcasting Flowchart

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