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December 20, 2019
Substitute Teachers Needed

Interested in making extra money by being a substitute teacher in Maine Township High School District 207? The district is currently hiring substitutes who make anywhere from $120-$135 per day.

If you are interested, just complete a short video interview and online application by visiting the following website: 

To complete this video interview you will need a smartphone or access to a webcam-equipped computer with microphone. You will be asked to record your responses to a series of interview questions. Your responses will be evaluated and scored.  If you score high enough on the interview and your online application credentials check out, you will be offered a position on our “on-call” substitute teacher list.

A license registered through the Illinois State Board of Education is required, but if you have a four-year college degree you will be granted a license after submitting to a fingerprint background check. For more information on how to receive your substitute teacher license, please visit the North Cook Intermediate Service Center at