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October 27, 2020
Student Survey

In order to gather information to help us serve students more effectively, District 207 will be conducting some student surveys via a platform called Panorama. Between November 5 and November 9, each school will invite students to share their perceptions about topics such as our school culture and climate, and some social emotional learning indicators, such as self-awareness and self-confidence (in the ability to complete learning activities successfully).

The school will not share student’s specific responses with teachers or families, but school staff may follow up with some students (based on their responses), and/or invite them to participate in additional focus groups or other feedback activities (if they indicate permission to do so in the survey). The surveys that will be administered are linked below:

Student Climate and Equity Survey

Student Self Awareness and Efficacy

If a parent has any questions or concerns, email or call the administrator listed below for your child’s school or program:

Frost Academy – Anna Hamilton [email protected]  847-292-6521

Maine East – Michael Wartick [email protected] 847-692-8529

Maine South – Melissa Pikul [email protected]  847-692-8215

Maine West – Claudia Rueda Alvarez [email protected] 847-803-5757