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November 22, 2022
Student Chromebook Changes Coming in 2023

The technology department will be making two Chromebook policy changes that will go into effect on January 9th, 2023, the first day of second semester. These changes will affect how students access their personal gmail account as well as the applications and extensions that can be installed on their Chromebooks. 

These changes are being made to ensure that our school networks and servers are secure from outside attacks and to keep your students’ personal information secure.

Chromebook Extension and App Allow List

Technology has found a number of extensions and applications some students’ have installed to be malicious and/or stealing students’ personal information. In addition, some of these applications are making other educational applications unavailable or unusable. In order to protect students’ privacy and devices, technology will only allow vetted applications and extensions to be installed. Applications and extensions will be approved for both educational and personal use, as long as they don’t steal students’ personal information or disrupt the educational experience.

If a student, caregiver or staff member would like to request an application be added to the approved list, they can fill out this request form or submit a request at

Access to personal gmail accounts

Some computer programs used in the district only work when a student signs into their Chromebook using their email address. If a student accesses their personal gmail while signed in, it can cause issues with the applications used in class and disrupt the educational experience. In order to address this issue, students will only be able to sign into one gmail account at a time.

Students should log into their Chromebooks, as they do now, with their email address while at school.

If a student would like to access their personal gmail account, they should use Guest Mode which will allow students to use their Chromebook to access personal accounts. Students can access Guest Mode by clicking “Browse as Guest” on the Chromebook login screen. Guest Mode will be accessible to all students, all of the time.