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September 26, 2023
Safety and Security a Top Priority in District 207

Safety and security of our students and staff is the top priority in District 207. The following information is shared to keep parents and students informed about the safety and security measures we have in place in our schools.

Safety is a team effort. Therefore, the most important item you can share with your child(ren) about safety is that if they see or hear something that is a threat to the safety and security of the school, they should either tell an adult immediately or dial 9-1-1. For any concerning safety items that are NOT an immediate threat, please tell an adult or utilize the anonymous alerts system the District has linked on the front page of each of the school websites or at

Students should NEVER open doors for friends, other students or anyone else. Posted signs in the school indicate the doors should not be opened and that visitors or tardy students should enter the building from the designated entrance(s).

Another important safety measure in our schools is the presence of a School Resource Officer (SRO) at each school. These individuals are full-time police officers with either the Park Ridge Police Department (Maine East and Maine South) or the Des Plaines Police Department (Maine West). Additionally, there is a team of trained security and safety personnel at each school.

As part of our recent construction projects, each school now has a secured vestibule at the main entrance to increase safety. When visitors arrive they must enter the secured vestibule where they must go through a background check prior to entry in the school. Construction has also resulted in additional security cameras in all of our schools.

Regular meetings of the district-wide safety team occur throughout the school year as another way to discuss and improve our safety measures.

Staff members are trained in crisis response and we hold shelter in place (tornado), fire and intruder drills on a regular basis, typically in partnership with local fire and police departments.

Safety and security is a team effort so thank you in advance for reviewing this information with your child(ren).