April 8, 2019
Maine East Teams Take First and Second at State Competition

The Maine East Investments Club (Foundations Club) team won the Northern Illinois University Investment Association Valuation Challenge on Saturday, April 6. The team comprised of sophomores Merlin Josin, Inara Matani, Michael Abregana and James Gold earned the overall title by scoring the highest point total ever at the competition with their presentation of a hypothetical merger between two healthcare corporations. The competition consisted of Chicagoland high schools in addition to community college teams. Each of the first place winners won $200.

The second place prize went to the other Maine East group that included sophomore Abaan Ansari, freshman Prem Shah and freshman Alex Tomy. Each of the second place winners won $100.

This was the first time ever that one school earned the top two spots in any competition. The competition is billed as a way for students to learn skills relevant to all professions and educational tracks; develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills; learn about risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing; develop and apply critical thinking and reading skills; and enhance college and scholarship applications

Maine East alum Jinal Shah used his industry expertise to help the students prepare a professional paper and presentation that earned the teams first and second place at the competition.