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June 17, 2020
Maine East Schuler Scholars Chose Their Colleges 

Written by Communications Intern Anna Schmeltz

Nine seniors who have participated in the Schuler Scholar Program since arriving at Maine East High School announced their college selection recently as part of a virtual ceremony.

The Schuler Scholar Program annually identifies high-achieving and highly disciplined 8th graders and devotes the next four years to helping prepare these teens for admission to, and ultimately their success, at the nation’s top private colleges and universities. 

This year the students and their college selection were:

  • Halimatou Bangoura, American University
  • Akshaya Biju, Oberlin College
  • Diana Huszti, Lake Forest College
  • Nicole Lobont, College of the Holy Cross
  • Rose Jasmin Montes, Lake Forest College
  • Azra Murati, Occidental College
  • Richa Parikh, Claremont McKenna College
  • Charmi Patel, Dickinson College
  • Angela Righi, Northwestern University

Karly Vance, regional director of the Schuler Scholar Program, speaks highly of this year’s scholars. “This particular group of scholars had a very unusual and challenging senior year, grappling with global events and issues while making very personal and significant decisions about their futures. I truly admire the maturity, empathy, and flexibility that these scholars have shown this year. They are ready to be drivers of the type of real, positive change that our communities and our world needs.”

Throughout all four years at Maine East, Schuler provides 1-to-1 tutoring for its scholars. Reading enrichment, writing enrichment, lessons in quantitative reasoning, and preparatory work for SAT exams. They also provide students cultural exposure activities such as attending opera and ballet performances.

The goal is to help students extend learning outside of the classroom and expose them to something new that will challenge them to think about the way they think about themselves and the world around them.

Schuler even takes a direct approach to college preparation. Schuler Scholars are placed in on-campus summer programs between sophomore and junior years, taking a course. This gives Schuler Scholars a chance to feel what it will be like to be a college student someday and to start asking: What do I want in a college, and what type of college would be the best fit for me?

When Schuler Scholars are juniors, the program takes them to visit top-tier campuses across the country, helps them prep for SAT exams, teaches them how to compose effective personal admission essays, and how to navigate the daunting field of financial aid.