February 4, 2019
Information about Finals for Seniors

Starting in May 2019, seniors will have the option to take their final exam that would be scheduled for May 14th and 15th (the two days designated for senior final exams). The grade they have going into that final exam would be the grade they keep if they choose not to take the final exam. If seniors wish to sit for their final to improve their grade, they can do that. Long term projects, presentations, or other experiences for Seniors will need to be wrapped by end of the day on May 13th. All grades for Seniors are due Thursday, May 16th at 12 pm.

Students who have elected not to sit for a course final during May 14th and 15th will not need to attend the class and attendance will not be taken for seniors on these days.

All students (freshmen through seniors) who sit for an AP exam still have the option to waive their course final exam in that class (same as the last two years).

Further considerations/clarifying statements:

  • Dual credit courses/PLTW that have a restriction on what must occur for finals are excluded from this change. The teacher must follow the dual credit final requirement.
  • Long term projects, presentations, or other experiences that a teacher deems necessary should be completed prior to the end of the day on 5/13.
  • Note for Mixed Grade Level Classes: It is not the intention that finals be given prior to 5/13 in mixed grade level classes (which would result in non-senior students essentially finishing up a week before the end of the school year); in these cases, senior students who elect to take a final should come in on 5/14 or 5/15 during the regularly scheduled class period to take the exam.

If students or parents have questions, they should speak to the appropriate teacher and/or Department Chairperson.