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November 7, 2022
ILMEA Honors for Several District 207 Students

A host of students from Maine Township High School District 207 schools were honored recently as they were chosen to participate in the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) District 7 Senior Honors Band, Choir and Orchestra. The students are invited to participate in the All-District Festival by earning All-District honors. Placement in the festival is by competitive audition as these musicians submitted audition videos to the ILMEA, which were reviewed and scored by a panel of professional musicians. The scores were then ranked, and the top scoring musicians were selected for participation in the District 7 ILMEA Festival, which will be held on Saturday, November 12.

Maine East honorees: Joseph Boyd, Senior Band; Jubilee Kim, Senior Choir; Shaina Rose Odantabao, Senior Choir; and Natalia Barna, Senior Orchestra.

Maine South honorees: Isabel Bisiak, Senior Band; Mia Bucheister, Senior Band; Jason Kaplan, Senior Band; Adam Malinowski, Senior Band; Logan Maurer, Senior Band; Mia Pearl, Senior Band; Annika Wallace, Senior Band; Ava Baruffi, Senior Chorus; Kaitlyn Brown, Senior Chorus; Leah Cardenas, Senior Chorus; Jaden Clarke, Senior Chorus; Maren Nazar, Senior Chorus and Senior Vocal Jazz II; Pavel Oman, Senior Chorus; Finley Pullano, Senior Chorus and Senior Vocal Jazz II; Genevieve Scarpelli, Senior Chorus and Senior Vocal Jazz II; George Spiegel, Senior Chorus and Senior Vocal Jazz 1; Vinny Tran, Senior Chorus; Alex Wille, Senior Jazz Band I and Senior Orchestra; Matthew Yadgar, Senior Jazz Band II; Joseph Habisohn, Senior Jazz Band III; Laith Tannous 10: Senior Jazz Band III and Senior Orchestra; Patrick Bayraktarov, Senior Orchestra; Kyungsoo Chon, Senior Orchestra; Nik Fedorenko, Senior Orchestra; Lucille Hassman, Senior Orchestra; Timothy Nelson, Senior Orchestra; Simon Zwiezczyk, Senior Orchestra; Yianni Korovilas, Senior Vocal Jazz I; Tyson Keller, Senior Vocal Jazz II; Naomi Nishi, Senior Vocal Jazz II; Jane Nuich, Senior Vocal Jazz II; Rosie O’Hara,  Senior Vocal Jazz II; Daniel Paprocki, Senior Vocal Jazz II; Nicole Scimeca, Senior Vocal Jazz II; and Paul Sunken, Senior Vocal Jazz Il

Maine West honorees: Aurelia Lawson, Senior Band; Olga Stewart, Senior Choir; Addison Stutheit, Senior Choir; and Aaron Grata, Senior Orchestra.