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Social Science Department

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The Social Science curriculum is designed to help each student develop intelligent and responsible citizenship. Teachers provide classroom experiences which will help students learn about democratic ideas and values. To be worthwhile, the knowledge of our heritage from the past must be matched with knowledge of today’s problems.
Four years of social science and history are offered at Maine East High School. District 207 requires three years of Social Science classes for graduation. At Maine East, all freshmen enroll in History of Western Civilization. During the junior year all students must enroll in two semesters of United States History (or American Studies). During the senior year all students must enroll in at least one semester of Government. Government/Democracy Accelerated is a one-year course. Satisfactory completion of both United States History and Government is a requirement for graduation. In addition, all students must pass a state-mandated examination on the U. S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution and Flag Code for graduation. These tests are administered in the Government courses.
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Social Science

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
ALDEN, AILEEN Social Science Teacher 847-825-4484 x8458
* BROWNELL, CARL Social Science Department Chair 847-692-8456 
CIPOLLETTA, TERESA Social Science Teacher 847-692-8458 
CONLON, JENNIFER Social Science Teacher 847-825-4484 x1376
DOAK, OWEN Social Science Teacher 847-692-8458 
GOLDMAN, LAURA Social Science and Gifted Lyceum Teacher 847-825-4484 xX8458
HUSSMANN, KRISTIN Social Science Teacher 847-692-8458 
Khambholja, Bhargav TA-IFL 847-692-8458 
LABONAR, LEONARD Social Science Teacher 847-692-8675 
PETERS, CHRISTOPHER Social Science Teacher 847-825-4484 x1382
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