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Bender's Wake-up Text Program
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Michael Bender

Dean, students with Counselors Edsey, Hankins and Ibrahimovic


Jeff Parlette

Dean, students with Counselors Allen, Caliendo, Rinaldi (N-Z)


Karen Taylor

Dean, students with Counselors Rinaldi (A-M), Yochim, Villalobos


Jeff Waddell

School Resource Officer


Margie Fantucchio

Administrative Assistant



24-Hour Attendance Line 847-692-8321


Attention Students: If you are leaving in the middle of the day, please stop in at the attendance office to pick up your pass ahead of time.  When it is time for you to leave, please show your teacher the pass and proceed to the attendance office to sign out.  in order for your absence to be authorized, we must receive a call from a parent or guardian.

Tardy to Class Policy

Since teachers and students need to make full use of instructional time, students must 
report to class on time.

If the student is unauthorized tardy to class, the teacher shall admit the student to class, record 
the tardy in the student information system (SIS) and the following will occur as a result of the 
first and subsequent unauthorized tardies:

  • 1st and 2nd Violation: The teacher will confer with the student and warn the student that subsequent tardies will result in consequences.
  • 3rd and 4th Violation: The teacher will confer with the student, will assign one detention, and Aspen will generate a phone call to notify the student’s parent or guardian of the tardiness.
  • 5th and Subsequent Violations: The teacher will refer the matter to the dean. The dean or designee will confer with the student and assign consequences and may refer the matter to a Problem Solving Team for further action.


Bullying is...

...hurting another person with words or actions on purpose.

Types of bullying:

  • Physical - easily recognizable (examples include pushing and hitting)
  • Verbal - common because it is quick, direct and easy to do (examples include threats and gossip)
  • Emotional - more sophisticated (examples include humiliating someone publicly)
  • Cyberbullying - using technology (examples include spreading rumors through social networking sites and mean text messages)
A bully can be thefit athlete or the child who wears black and keeps to himself, but a bully can also be the quiet National Honor Society member or the captain of the cheerleading squad. IT IS NOT APPEARANCE THAT DEFINES A BULLY BUT BEHAVIOR.
Be aware that bullying exists and choose to be part of the solution.
(content adapted from www.pacer.org)





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