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Even as students move through high school, parents remain critical to the cognitive and social and emotional growth of their children as well as to their planning for the next steps of their lives after high school. These key resources can support parents with remaining engaged with their students' progress throughout high school.

Call-in your child's absence at 847.692.8321.

Parents, some helpful hints from the Attendance Office to help you and your student avoid any unnecessary confusion and delays when dealing with absences.  
To Contact the Attendance Office, please call 847.692.8321:
•  The Attendance Office is open each school day from 7:00 a.m.  to 3:30 a.m.
•  An answering system available all night and other hours the office is not open.
•  For your message, please clearly state your student's name, ID number, reason for absence, date of absence, and caller's identity.

Absences can only be authorized if:
1.  A call is received from parent/guardian registered with school.
2.  A call is received within time allotted (by 2:00 p.m. the day following the absence).
To Authorize Early Departure from School
•  A parent or guardian contacts the Attendance Office as early as possible on that day or the day before.
•  A student reports to the Attendance Office upon arriving to school to pick-up a pass for release from school.

Phone List: Maine East Departments
Maine East Department Contacts
Check here for a list of Department Heads and phone numbers for each of Maine East's Academic and Support Departments. 

Important Maine 207 systems for parents
Aspen is Maine 207's student information system. Parents can sign-in to Aspen in order view their child's attendance and grades and to keep up-to-date on performance. If you need assistance with Aspen, access the Aspen Student and Family Portal Support page.

Online registration
Maine 207 completes student registration for both the regular school year and for summer school using online registration. In both cases, InfoSnap by PowerSchool is used as the online registration tool. Please note that for registration for the regular school year requires a unique code that is sent to families prior to registration.

Maine 207 Information for parents

Enrollment and registration
Maine 207 attendance areas

Registration and student fees


Incoming ninth grade and new students

Maine East Bookstore

Maine East Class of 2022

School year and day
Maine East News Blog
Principal Dr. Mike Pressler's newsletter, now in user-friendly blog form and more frequent updates.

School Calendar

School Schedule

Bell Schedule

Daily Bulletin

Gifted Lyceum

Food Service



Maine East PACE Transit Guide

Maine East Health Office

School-Based Health Center

Career Experiences

Chromebook 1:1

Graduation and beyond
Graduation requirements

Maine East College and Career Center

Continued learning beyond high school


Graduation Mailing
Parent/Student Letter_Class of 2018

Commencement Agreement Form_2018

Senior Send-Off Messages



Policies and resources
Maine East Student -Parent Handbook

Discipline Procedure Manual

Uniform grievance procedure letter and form
English | Español

Student and family privacy rights

Parents' right to know 

Student insurance
District 207 is not liable for accidents that occur at school and is not responsible for medical payments for students. If a student is injured during any school or athletic activities, all medical charges are the parent's responsibility. For the 2018-19 school year, the District has a student/athletic accident insurance plan available for parents/guardians to purchase. Details here and on the Student Insurance link above.

JumpStart Youth Employment Program

Temporary living situations

Sexual harassment policy

Teen dating violence prohibited

Lead testing results

Parent Mailings & Information
Illinois Youth Survey - Opt Out Form

AP Optional Finals

Building Safety Review

2018 Spring SAT Announcement

Information for parents from the State of Illinois
Maine East School Report Card (Digital)
Maine East School Report Card (PDF)

Illinois Sex Offender Registry

Illinois State Police Murderer and Violent Offender against Youth Registry

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