Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department seeks to help students find their strengths and to foster all students' creative and artistic instincts.  Covering three curricular departments and a wide variety of extra-curricular programs, Fine Arts provides each student a unique opportunity to develop creativity and purpose.

Fine Arts Calendar

V-Show 2017: "Movies"
Auditions are September 5, 6 and 7; V-Show performances November 2, 3 and 4

Maine East Fine Arts Boosters

Maine East Bands

Maine East Choir

Maine East Orchestra

Demon Strings

Jazz Band

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Fall Play 2017: "Peter Pan"
Auditions for Maine East's Fall Play, "Peter Pan" are scheduled for August 17, with an information meeting on August 16. Find additional details here.


Spring Play

Drama Thespian Troupe 1792

Speech and Performance Team

Stage Crew

Technical Theatre


Visual Arts
National Art Honor Society

Photography Club



  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy